1. Just A Season - 1 High Res - photo by Adam PW Smith

“I’ve done a lot of things for the paycheque,” sings Scott Smith in “Now That I’ve Found You”, the relentlessly upbeat ninth track from Just a Season’s newest album, All The Stars Are Out Tonight. “And some,” he continues, “for the art.” It’s assumed, naturally, that Smith was driven by the latter motive when he conceived and then fronted Just a Season for its acclaimed self-titled debut in 2014. If that album allowed the talented multi-instrumentalist (recently nominated for Steel Guitar Player of the Year at the CCMA’s) to assume the spotlight after a long time spent lending his signature gifts to headliners as notable as Barney Bentall, Rich Hope and Aaron Pritchett, Just a Season’s newest record finds Smith deepening his strengths as a singer-songwriter of contemporary Americana while giving his cohorts the chance to strike an even sweeter balance between precision and feel. Smith is only half-joking when he talks about a “sort of a Steely Dan approach where you choose different players for every song”. Along with the more Seasoned line-up of Liam McDonald (drums), Brad Ferguson (bass), John Sponarski (guitar) and Tim Tweedale (pedal steel and dobro), All The Stars Are Out Tonight boasts a jaw-dropping roll call of top-flight guest players: drummer Geoff Hicks, keyboardists Tyson Naylor and Darryl Havers, violinists Kendal Carson and Adrian Dolan, bassists Jeremy Holmes and Rob Becker among them.